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Depeche Mode Discography


Speak And Spell5 October 1981view icon
A Broken Frame27 September 1982view icon
Construction Time Again22 August 1983view icon
People Are People [selection/best of]1984view icon
Some Great Reward24 September 1984view icon
Catching Up With Depeche Mode [selection/best of]1985view icon
The Singles 81-85 [selection/best of]15 October 1985view icon
Black Celebration17 March 1986view icon
Music For The Masses28 September 1987view icon
101 [live]13 March 1989view icon
Violator19 March 1990view icon
Songs Of Faith And Devotion22 March 1993view icon
Songs Of Faith And Devotion Live [live]6 December 1993view icon
Ultra14 April 1997view icon
The Singles 86>98 [selection/best of]28 September 1998view icon
Exciter14 May 2001view icon
Remixes 81-04 [selection/best of]25 October 2004view icon
Playing The Angel17 October 2005view icon
The Best Of Volume 1 [selection/best of]13 November 2006view icon
Sounds Of The Universe20 April 2009view icon
Remixes 2: 81-11 [selection/best of]6 June 2011view icon
Delta Machine25 March 2013view icon
Depeche Mode Live In Berlin Soundtrack Album primary image cover photoLive In Berlin Soundtrack [live]17 November 2014view icon
Depeche Mode Spirit Album primary image cover photoSpirit17 March 2017view icon

Box Sets

Depeche Mode Box Set [selection/best of]19 October 1988view icon
X1 [selection/best of]1991view icon
X2 [selection/best of]1991view icon
Singles Box 1November 1991view icon
Singles Box 2November 1991view icon
Singles Box 3November 1991view icon
Songs Of Faith And Devotion [selection/best of]November 1993view icon
The Singles Box [selection/best of]October 1999view icon
Singles Box 429 March 2004view icon
Singles Box 529 March 2004view icon
Singles Box 629 March 2004view icon
The Complete Depeche Mode [selection/best of]19 December 2006view icon
The Collection [selection/best of]2009view icon
Depeche Mode Speak & Spell | The 12" Singles Box Set primary image cover photoSpeak & Spell | The 12" Singles [selection/best of]31 August 2018view icon
Depeche Mode A Broken Frame | The 12" Singles Box Set primary image cover photoA Broken Frame | The 12" Singles [selection/best of]31 August 2018view icon


Dreaming Of Me20 February 1981view icon
New Life13 June 1981view icon
Just Can't Get Enough7 September 1981view icon
See You29 January 1982view icon
The Meaning Of Love26 April 1982view icon
Leave In Silence16 August 1982view icon
Get The Balance Right31 January 1983view icon
Everything Counts11 July 1983view icon
Love In Itself19 September 1983view icon
People Are People12 March 1984view icon
Master And Servant20 August 1984view icon
Blasphemous Rumours29 October 1984view icon
Shake The Disease29 April 1985view icon
It's Called A Heart16 September 1985view icon
Stripped10 February 1986view icon
A Question Of Lust14 April 1986view icon
A Question Of Time11 August 1986view icon
Strangelove13 April 1987view icon
Never Let Me Down Again24 August 1987view icon
Behind The Wheel28 December 1987view icon
I Want You Now1988view icon
Little 1516 May 1988view icon
Strangelove (Remix)23 August 1988view icon
Pleasure Little Treasure1989view icon
Everything Counts (Remix)13 February 1989view icon
Personal Jesus29 August 1989view icon
Halo1990view icon
Enjoy The Silence5 February 1990view icon
Policy Of Truth7 May 1990view icon
World In My Eyes17 September 1990view icon
One Caress1993view icon
I Feel You9 February 1993view icon
Walking In My Shoes26 April 1993view icon
Condemnation13 September 1993view icon
In Your Room10 January 1994view icon
Barrel Of A Gun3 February 1997view icon
It’s No Good31 March 1997view icon
Home16 June 1997view icon
Useless20 October 1997view icon
Only When I Lose Myself7 September 1998view icon
I Feel Loved2001view icon
Dream On23 April 2001view icon
Freelove5 November 2001view icon
Goodnight Lovers11 February 2002view icon
Enjoy The Silence 0418 October 2004view icon
Precious3 October 2005view icon
A Pain That I'm Used To12 December 2005view icon
Suffer Well20 March 2006view icon
John The Revelator5 June 2006view icon
Martyr30 October 2006view icon
Perfect2009view icon
Wrong6 April 2009view icon
Peace15 June 2009view icon
Fragile Tension / Hole To Feed7 December 2009view icon
Personal Jesus 201118 April 2011view icon
Heaven18 March 2013view icon
Soothe My Soul13 May 2013view icon
Should Be Higher14 October 2013view icon
Depeche Mode Where's The Revolution Single primary image cover photoWhere's The Revolution3 March 2017view icon
Depeche Mode Going Backwards Single primary image cover photoGoing Backwards23 June 2017view icon
Depeche Mode Cover Me Single primary image cover photoCover Me6 October 2017view icon


Depeche Mode | Fad Gadget (split release)
Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead / King Of The Flies
September 1981view icon
Happy Christmas 87 - Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth1987view icon
Death's Door (Jazz Mix)1992view icon

Tour Recordings

Touring The Angel [live]2006view icon
Tour Of The Universe [live]2009view icon


The Remixes 86>98 [selection/best of]September 1998view icon
Total Music Exclusive Enhanced Sampler [selection/best of]2002view icon
The Best Of (Remixes) [selection/best of]November 2006view icon

Interview Items

The Wherehouse 3/20/90April 1990view icon


Depeche Mode 3X TV Spots Video primary image cover photo3X TV Spotsunknownview icon
Depeche Mode Playing The Angel Tour, Milan '06 (3 x 90" Clips) Video primary image cover photoPlaying The Angel Tour, Milan '06 (3 x 90" Clips)unknownview icon
Depeche Mode Never Let Me Down Again (Live At The Rose Bowl) Video primary image cover photoNever Let Me Down Again (Live At The Rose Bowl)unknownview icon
Depeche Mode Strangelove (Live At The Rose Bowl) Video primary image cover photoStrangelove (Live At The Rose Bowl)unknownview icon
Depeche Mode Press Conference Footage Video primary image cover photoPress Conference Footageunknownview icon
Depeche Mode Tour Of The Universe 2009 Press Conference Video primary image cover photoTour Of The Universe 2009 Press Conferenceunknownview icon
Depeche Mode The World We Live In and Live In Hamburg Video primary image cover photoThe World We Live In and Live In Hamburg [live]1985view icon
Some Great Videos [selection/best of]October 1985view icon
Depeche Mode Strange Video primary image cover photoStrange12 July 1988view icon
Depeche Mode 101 Video primary image cover photo101 [live]March 1989view icon
Depeche Mode Strange Too (Another Violation By Anton Corbijn) Video primary image cover photoStrange Too (Another Violation By Anton Corbijn)October 1990view icon
Devotional [live]23 November 1993view icon
The Videos 86>98 [selection/best of]September 1998view icon
One Night In Paris [live]27 May 2002view icon
Touring The Angel [live]25 September 2006view icon
The Best Of Videos Volume 1 [selection/best of]13 November 2006view icon
Tour Of The Universe : Barcelona 20/21.11.09 [live]8 November 2010view icon
Live In Berlin [live]17 November 2014view icon
Depeche Mode Video Singles Collection Video primary image cover photoVideo Singles Collection [selection/best of]18 November 2016view icon

Music Videos

Just Can’t Get Enough1981view icon
See You1982view icon
The Meaning Of Love1982view icon
Leave In Silence1982view icon
Get The Balance Right1983view icon
Everything Counts1983view icon
Love, In Itself1983view icon
People Are People1984view icon
Master And Servant1984view icon
Blasphemous Rumours1984view icon
Somebody1984view icon
People Are People (12" Version)1984view icon
Shake The Disease1985view icon
It’s Called A Heart1985view icon
Stripped1986view icon
But Not Tonight1986view icon
A Question Of Lust1986view icon
A Question Of Time1986view icon
Stripped (Alternate Cut)1986view icon
But Not Tonight (Pool Version)1986view icon
Strangelove1987view icon
Never Let Me Down Again1987view icon
Behind The Wheel1987view icon
Little 151988view icon
Strangelove '881988view icon
Everything Counts (Live – from “101”)1989view icon
Personal Jesus1989view icon
Enjoy The Silence1990view icon
Policy Of Truth1990view icon
World In My Eyes1990view icon
I Feel You1993view icon
Walking In My Shoes1993view icon
Condemnation (Paris Mix)1993view icon
One Caress1993view icon
In Your Room1994view icon
Barrel Of A Gun1997view icon
It’s No Good1997view icon
Home1997view icon
Useless1997view icon
Only When I Lose Myself1998view icon
Dream On2001view icon
I Feel Loved2001view icon
Freelove2001view icon
Goodnight Lovers2002view icon
Enjoy The Silence ’042004view icon
Precious2005view icon
A Pain That I’m Used To2005view icon
Suffer Well2006view icon
John The Revelator2006view icon
Martyr2006view icon
Wrong2009view icon
Peace2009view icon
Hole To Feed2009view icon
Fragile Tension2009view icon
Personal Jesus 20112011view icon
Should Be Higher2013view icon
Soothe My Soul (Extended)2013view icon
Heaven31 January 2013view icon
Soothe My Soul28 March 2013view icon
Where's The Revolution9 February 2017view icon
Going Backwards (Highline Sessions Version)22 June 2017view icon
Cover Me13 September 2017view icon
Heroes (Highline Sessions Version)22 September 2017view icon

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