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Alternate names: project 44
Artist start date: 1998
Info: Born in the bowels of the infamous Chicago industrial scene, PROJECT.44 combines direct ties to the legacy of a town that birthed an original sound and fresh ideas to keep the torch burning. Featuring the skills of Industrial legends Louis Svitek (Ministry/RevCo) and Charles Levi (Thrill Kill Kult/Pigface) along with longtime producing mate, Hate Dept.’s Seibold [The System Doesn’t Work, Revolution] and guests like En Esch and Martin Atkins - with founder Chris Harris, means the core experience of this machine based assault is a doctorate degree in industrial music. After a decade on the venerable Invisible Records, PROJECT .44 moves to WuLi/In Grooves Records for the release of their new single & EP: REVOLUTION and PROJECT .44 VS EN ESCH. PROJECT .44 has toured the country multiple times sharing the stage on tours with Thrill Kill Kult, Lords of Acid and Pigface and also headlining the Propaganda Tour; and Revolution Campaign. PROJECT .44 has also played numerous indie, punk, metal and industrial festivals including: CMJ in New York, Gothstock in Hartford CT, Thunder of Gods in Austin TX, Dwell in Darkness in Dayton OH, and Gothic Fest in Chicago.

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